Analytics & Reporting

We believe strongly in creating a strategy that can be tested, and part of our approach involves setting up monthly reporting dashboards. Using Google Data Studio, we develop sophisticated dashboards to automate monitoring of results. We integrate Google Analytics to provide you with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports – all tailored to the information you need to know.

We also provide monthly insights alongside our reporting dashboards, to give you the background to your results, and action-based reporting to improve on each strategy.

Analytics Setup & Configuration

We are well versed in all major analytics platforms and can easily integrate these with our reporting tools. Not only can we report on the data, but we can help you with further configurations such as ecommerce and goal tracking in Google Analytics, to help you get more from your reporting.

Automated reporting

We take the complexity out of your reporting, so you’ll never miss a vital insight. With Google Data Studio, Tableau or Microsoft Power BI dashboards set up precisely for your needs, we streamline the data to make sure your reports are as effective as possible.

We can even set up reports to help you A/B test different landing pages and gain insights on which approach works best for your customer’s needs.