Technical SEO

Building a strong technical foundation for your website is critical to bringing your audience to your site.

We understand that not every website build is the same, and that often a bespoke solution is required to ensure the website can perform at its best. We work directly and closely with your development team to discuss the best way forward and to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

Website Migration

Whether you are planning a domain, CMS, content or other type of migration, we can help! Each type of migration could have an adverse effect on your SEO performance if it is not managed correctly. We will benchmark your current success and ensure your website is transitioned smoothly and hassle free. We are there every step of the way to help you manage and understand the process to hit every milestone.

Tech SEO audit

The technical baseline of a website is important to ensure it can perform in other areas of your digital marketing strategy. Our technical audits are designed to pinpoint what is working, and what is holding you back from success. We have extensive experience helping recognised brands improve their technical SEO performance and can do the same for you.

Not only will we audit your website once, but we will conduct ongoing health-checks to ensure any additional errors and issues are picked up and resolved quickly and efficiently.